Advantages And Disadvantages Of X-ray Spectrometers (CFAN Instrument)

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Update time : 2022-02-15 15:07:36


HieveryoneI’m so glad to be here. Today, I’m going to share the advantages and disadvantages of X-ray spectrometer. (




1. X-ray spectrometer has high analysis speed. The determination time is related to the determination precision, but it is generally very short, 1 ~ 5 minutes can be measured all the elements in the sample.

2. The X-ray fluorescence spectrum is not related to the chemical form or the physical form of the sample, whatever the state is solid, powder, liquid, or crystal. (The gas seal can also be analyzed when it is in the container.) However, It can be seen of the phenomenon of wavelength variation in the high resolution precision detection. Especially in the ultra-soft X-ray range, this effect is more significant.

3. Nondestructive analysis. It will not cause the chemical reaction of the sample in the testing, and will not appear the phenomenon of sample flying. The same sample can be measured repeatedly with good reproducibility.

4. X-ray fluorescence analysis is a physical analysis method, so it is possible to analyze elements with the same chemical composition but different physical properties.

5. The X-ray spectrometer has high precision.

6. Sample preparation is simple, solid, powder, liquid samples can be analyzed. (


1. It is difficult to make absolute analysis, so quantitative analysis requires standard samples.

2. Sensitivity to light elements is lower

3. It is easily affected by inter-element interference and peaks superposition.